So Nancy Pelosi claims that Donald’s response to the Coronavirus effort is “Underfunded”.

I agree.
We need to close the border and quarantine people entering this country from anywhere for a period of….say 25 days (at a minimum).

We need more money for border security.
We need some folks in the CDC who have a clue, who realize that simply scanning the foreheads of people getting of a plane with an infrared thermometer is not a preventative response.

And I would ask this of Ms Pelosi:
Which social programs are you gonna cut to get the funding for these programs?
Welfare? SNAP? What?

I’m open to funding the response better if she will figure out who pays for it. She and her ilk spend every dine we give as taxes, and then some.
So what is she gonna cut??

2 thoughts on “Underfunded

  1. Money will be allocated for fighting Coronavirus. Coronavirus will turn out to be a tempest in a teapot. The money will end up funding the importation of illegal aliens -er- future Democrat voters…

    'Sound about right to you?…

  2. Sigh… She won't TOUCH anything that helps her get more votes.

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