“Cultural appropriation” war

Will they go after the coffehouses too? Oddly, I don’t see any coffeehouses on the list…..

I mean….Coffee isn’t a white person’s thing, IIRC, will they close down all of the coffehouses not owned by Africans or South Americans? Anyone not Columbian?
I doubt it, as then then they’d lose their social centers……Of course, that’d make ’em hypocrites.

But they hate “Cultural Appropriation”…..

SJW’s make list of  white owned “appropriative restaurants” …Will they put them out of business like they did Kooks Burrios?

I’d use a list like this to choose where I was gonna eat when I went out…..

There oughta be a law allowing people to smack SJW’s…..Like “Punch a Hippy” day once was…..

(ETA: THE ABOVE LINE IS SATIRE….some folks apparently don’t have the intelligence to understand nor comprehend that…..)

5 thoughts on ““Cultural appropriation” war

  1. Are you advocating that people should be allowed to simply punch another because their views are different from the person doing the punching? Is that really allowed in the current society? I don't think so. But to carry over from that other blog, perhaps a person who is in a position of authority and his actions, has made you feel emboldened to be able to feel it is correct to do so.

    My point is simply that the civility between people of differing views is declining. Although I would grant you that it has been happening for several years now, I would argue the decline is accelerating partly because of the demeanor of the current President.


  2. So far, it is your folks that do violence when they disagree. I'm merely suggesting that we act like you do…..

    And I would counter that the decline began in the 60's with the democrat's behavior. It accelerated when their children and children's children never paddled for being bad and misbehavior and never learned discipline and self control began acting poorly in the 00's. See the ANTIFA shit and the SJW's in general. It isn't the Right that goes violent. It is the Left. Fringes on both sides need reigning in, true, but it is the Leftist fringe that misbehaves, and this sets the stage. It is the Left that was violent at Trump rallies, and that is the truth, despite the blather from the press and Hillary trying to put spin on it that it was Trump Supporters who are violent.

    If we were to turn violent there'd be blood in the streets. We are the armed ones, we are the ones with all the weapons. But we aren't violent. We, unlike your folks, have standards of behavior. Be glad we do.

  3. The "righteous" Right. The protestors at Trump rallies punched and kicked themselves while being escorted out by security. They got ahold of some Make America Great Again shirts and hats, gave them to their cohorts and said beat me up on the way out? That's what YOU saw on the videos? Or were those doctored by the "lying media?"

    B, this is exactly what I'm talking about. President Trump, through his rhetoric, is being divisive. Your own statement, we versus you (meaning me), and veiling threats about blood in the streets, having weapons, being armed. A very aggressive tone, one which I doubt you would have if you and I ever met in person and sat down for a beer.

    And this is the point I'm trying to make. Civility between opposing viewpoints is lacking. Yes, we disagree on the issues, having different backgrounds. But is that any reason to take an aggressive tone to someone you've never met? Just because I disagree with you?


  4. I'd not say anything here that I would not say in person. That is a difference, mostly between the Left and the Right. If I insult you here, I'd do it face to face as well. I'm pretty outspoken, but I'll back my words if need be.

    Most of the violence at the rallies was perpetrated by Leftists. It wasn't Trump supporters who started it, it was leftists. Yes, they got subdued when they became violent. Look, and learn with an open mind and if you can get beyond the narrative of the Press that fits your preconceived notions, you'll find that I am correct.

    And how about your candidate? According to her, I am "deplorable". I didn't see you commenting on that. I can, if you'd like show examples of her divisiveness too. I've asked you for examples of how Trump has made divisive comments. You've chosen not to provide 'em. Can you?

    Now, how about instead of sniping comments on my blog or Comrade Misfit's comments, you email me and we hash this out?

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