Hide your money!??!

Seems that governments all over the world are using private savings to prop up their economies.

ANd the press isn’t saying much about it. So far.
Despite the flowery phrases used to describe the actions, this is theft. Pure and simple theft. How long until this happens here in the US? Then what?

WHile my retirement saving s aren’t going to let me retire with  enough money to let me have my own private island and a plane to get to and from there, the money I have in IRA’s and such is MONE. I will determine how the funds are invested….not some bureaucrat.

I’m not so sure that I want to invest anymore in IRA’s or other banking based  retirement savings.

I’d say more, but that might get me in trouble, so I won’t…besides, I gotta go finish packing up for my Appleseed class.

THat might come in handy for the not-to-distant future too.

One thought on “Hide your money!??!

  1. I just talked about this topic a little yesterday on my blog. My recommendation is take out enough and put it into tangibles that will allow you to produce something during the retirement years but leave some in there as bait.

    At some point the government is going to take our retirement accounts and if you don't have one to seize they may take something else.

    Just my thoughts on it anyway.

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