TSA at their best

Hours of watching hundreds people pass through a metal detector and never once did a light flash or a sound emerge. Yet he had no clue that the metal detector was not plugged in.

And the TSA “had no choice” but to further inconvenience people by making planes return to the gates so the passengers could be rescreened, and forcing everyone in the terminal to pass again through the metal detectors.

Now, I am no expert on terrorism, nor on hijacking….But if I were so  inclined, and the nice (arabic surnamed) TSA agent had allowed me to pass through the non working security device, What makes you think that I would carry my weapon back through the security line again rather than secrete it in the “secure area” or in the plane before returning to the security for rescreening?

And I wonder what sort of disciplinary action isn’t being applied to the (apparently oblivious) pizza delivery reject TSA agent?

Remember, Security Theater, nothing more

2 thoughts on “TSA at their best

  1. You mean the war on terror won't work with the honor system?

  2. So… How many flights took off with people who were NOT checked???

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