So Trump sez…..

That burning a flag (A US Flag) “should have  consequences — perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

Yeah, I disagree. Strongly.

Thank God we have laws. And he can’t make that happen.

The press is pointing out how this has been ruled Unconstitutional.  They are right, at least according to the Supreme Court. So Trump really only has an opinion.

If only the press had paid attention to the Constitution this past 8 years….

Update: BorePatch has another point 

Update 2: Joe has a great point as well

Update 3: So Does Ms. X

6 thoughts on “So Trump sez…..

  1. While I agree with their right to do it, I still have the right to absolutely hate what they do and them for doing it. I also have a problem with them taking an American flag that belongs to the college and burning it. They should be charged heavily for doing that. If the college wishes to condone that behavior, revoke all government subsidies to that college. Trump pretty much expresses my feelings towards it, but I do reluctantly acknowledge their right to be spoiled brats and express their perversed values, or lack there of in the destructive way they like to do. I did rather enjoy the flag bearing veterans protest for the flag. I am hoping Trump puts an end to their blocking of highways as I am still amazed at how that is twisted into their right to protest, while holding back travelers, which should have the right to use the roadways without the hassles.

  2. I can't go along with the program on this one. Bad laws ought to be changed. It's not free speech to yell fire if there isn't one, but it is to burn the flag?

  3. Unfortunately, the SCOTUS has allowed that flag burning is "freedom of speech." So too then, should be whatever passes for "I strongly disagree…"

  4. scotus was full of shit on that ruling. if i burn down your house in protest of whatever, is it free speech? i think not. so, free speech has limits then? so limit it to not burning the damn flag. otherwise its my free speech to stomp anybody i see burning it.

  5. I'm with you, Riverrider. The Supreme Court is not neutral. It's manned by individuals hand picked by the party in power for reliability.

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