At least buy me dinner first…..

So I got the word from the insurance company today.

While the tree was the property of my neighbor, and it is considered an “act of God” (wind) which made the tree fall on MY barn, it is MY insurance company which has responsibility for the cleanup and repairs….Not a big deal, except that it is ME who has to come up with the deductible.


This is going to seriously impact my ammo/gun budget. I may have to cut back for 2 or three months. Maybe to less than 500 rds/month…..and no new firearms for a few months. Maybe longer.

Usually, I get drinks and dinner before getting screwed. Maybe a movie. Not so here.

One thought on “At least buy me dinner first…..

  1. Not even a reach-around, dammit! That sucks – budget limiting events are no fun. (especially when you're the victim).

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