Seems that this post might have been on target.

Check out this communication to AZ governor Jan Brewer regarding the AZ law allowing LEO to check for citizenship. Seems to be a common thread here. “We need comprehensive immigration reform”, and we need to do this before we do anything else regarding illegal immigration….

Hope she told him to go piss up a rope.

Don’t the socialists realize that the illegals are damaging the country irreparably, and that despite their socialist dreams and ideals, the illegal immigration and subsequent drain on the economy harms the legal citizens of this country?

Are their ideals more important than the welfare and security of the citizens of this country? Apparently, to them, that choice is already made. Anyone who works against the welfare of this country is a traitor, and deserves the maximum punishment. IMO, there is no difference between those who would commit espionage which harms the security of the US and those who would promote continued illegal immigration to this country with the resultant harm that those people do to the Us economy.

Were the choice up to me, anyone who chooses to promote such an agenda should be tried as a traitor and if found guilty, hung. By the neck. Until dead. Eventually, we will run out of socialists Democrats those who would sacrifice the interests of the citizens of the US for their ideals. their ideals.

Perhaps they will do things by FIAT or DECREE instead.