Sometimes a Range Day means you don’t shoot much

But you can still have fun.

Spent last Sunday afternoon at the range. And I brought a boatload of firearms with me…

But I think I only shot about 30 rounds total.

However, we fired over 700 rounds downrange.

See, my nephew brought his uncle with him from upstate Illinois to turn money into smoke and noise.

They (and I) spent over 4 hours punching holes in paper

and aiding in the demise of several hundred bowling pins from 50 yards away.

They had fun. My nephew fine tuned his technique for rifle and pistol, and his Dad just fed rounds through my Marlin lever action .22.

Sometimes a satisfying day at the range can be had without shooting much.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes a Range Day means you don’t shoot much

  1. Great report! Why isn't everyone out shooting?

    My round count decreases with every range trip, but the fun-level doesn't.

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