And all of a sudden, it is forgotten…

I guess that they really don’t matter all that much….

So all last year, especailly in the summer, the Formula 1 drivers, cars, helmets, steering wheels, etc all had “Black Lives Matter” slogans festooned all over. “Inclusiveness” was the word of the day…

We even heard from the only “black” champion of Formula 1, Louis Hamilton (who lived a life growing up SO downtrodden) about how black people are given no chances in International Racing…..

Yet the race today, in Bahrain, had no such banners…not on the cars, the drivers, nowhere….thre was nothing to be seen.

Odd how the problem suddenly ceased to be important so quickly, innt? One almost might think that the movement was simply something to keep people riled up for a reason….and now that the reason has ended, those people and the cause no longer matter…..not needed for another 3 years or so….

I find it telling how quckly the Social Justice Warrior types lose interest and find another cause to agitate for….



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