So a guy decides to take his wife of two years to Africa on a luxury wildlife viewing safari…..He’s trying to be romatic and take her places so they can experience things together.

He’s not happy when she wheedles and whines to take her mother along, as he thinks the mother in law is a Battleaxe,  but she wears him down, and so the three of them fly to Nairobi and start their Safari.

Day two of the safari, and in the evening, camped by a beautiful river in a gorgeous campsite with beautiful views, after a delicious dinner, his wife goes to visit the Mother in Law at her tent.

She return a few minutes later in a panic “Mom’s not in her tent!”

The whole camp is roused and they begin searching .

Suddenly, they hear a roar and a woman shouting, and everyone runs towards the sound. Flashlights and torchligh reveal the Mother in Law, facing off with a large male lion in what appears to be a standoff.

“Do something!” his bride cries.

“Nope”, says the man. “That lion got himself into this mess, let him get himself out”.