Do these Black Lives Matter?

Total trash. Killed a man while stealing his car….and simply didn’t care.

What about the Pakistani mans life?¬† Did Mr. Anwar’s life matter to him and his family? Or is it only Black Lives that Matter?

Criminals. Thieves. Killers. And these were CHILDREN…13 and 15 years old.¬†More and more often these carjackings are (almost always) young BLACK children. Nearly all cities (and coincidentally, Blue Enclaves) have the increasing carjacking issue….with one demographic fueling the increase.

If the Press and the TV and other Media would bring up the fact that these are Black criminals as much as they brought up the fact that it was White cops that killed black criminals last year to fuel the BLM movment, then maybe there would be some outcry to stop this growth in Criminals….

But they won’t. But people are seeing the truth, if slowly.

I fear the consquences for good people when the backlash happens. .


2 thoughts on “Do these Black Lives Matter?

  1. Remember playing on the tire swing as a kid, when someone pushed the empty tire swing and some unsuspecting kid in its path didn’t know it, and the swing hit him in the back so hard it sent him across the county line? Yeah… It’s gonna be like that when all this Left-wing crap comes back around on its perpetrators…

    Mark my words; it’ll start in California. Why? Because the MILLIONS of Conservatives who live here have put up with it the longest, and have had about enough…

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