Or, we could, you know

Build the fucking fence that has been promised so many times!

Instead, Barry wants $2BILLION dollars to “stem border crossings and speed deportation”.

How about this instead:

We use about 200Million dollars and build a fence.

Let the Border Patrol do it’s job without fear of prosecution

And deport every illegal we can find simply by sending them back over the border they crossed: Take ’em to the nearest border station and, if need be, push ’em over the border….But make ’em cross and let Mexico deal with ’em.

I bet that it immediately decreases the incentive to cross over the border in a northerly direction, and makes the Mexican Government have a screaming hissy fit because they have then got to deal with all those people.

Your illegal immigrant issues would be solved in 6 weeks, tops.

And you wouldn’t have to spend $2 Billion dollars. Just a fraction. And you’d have a fence to discourage future crossers too.

9 thoughts on “Or, we could, you know

  1. Build the frikkin fence, make Mexico handle the problem (that they've ignored for 40+ years)…

  2. We'll get the fence when Obama starts his third term. But it won't be designed to keep people out….

    History will repeat itself.

  3. Why can't we build a fence? We know where the border is. I bet you and I could put up a mile of 10' chainlink with concertina on top in a week. get a trencher to bury 5' of chainlink, posthole digger for verticals, use the tractor with the trencher to stretch it, I mean, theres only 2000 miles and I bet we can easily find 2000 guys like us.

    What do you think they'd arrest us for? Improving public/private land? Certainly they would never arrest anyone for trespass. What say ye?

  4. Land mines. we've got tens of thousands of them and no other use for them since we've signed on to all of those touchy-feely treaties…but nothing says that we can't use them in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

  5. Og: Get the fence materials and I am willing to try it.

    If nothing else, we'd make the papers when they arrested us….and then there would be publicity.

    Can fill the truck with WVO and that'll take us a third of the way with the tractor…and I need a posthole digger for the Kubota anyway…

  6. Could try to find donations.

    Might make a movement out of it. Like you say, 2000 guys like us, and if you could find 2000 businesses to donate a mile of materials…..

    I would think you could set up a 501-c(3) type charity and the donation would be tax deductible…

    I bet a LOT of folks would like to stick it to the feds TWICE…once by helping to build a border fence and once more using that same donation to reduce taxes…..

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