As once again, they demonstrate that they no longer care what you think:

And the mask comes off.

Outrage as Biden proclaims Easter Sunday as ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ – as White House BANS children from submitting religious-themed Easter egg designs at annual event for military families

Smearing Easter with this stain of Trans.


The egg thing is bad enough, but the absolute insult to the Christian holiday shocking.

Obviously the people pulling Biden’s strings no longer care…either they are sure that they can get him re-elected or they have decided that nothing they do can see him in the white house after this election, so whatever they do no longer matters.

I guess that it is part of Barry Obama’s “Fundamental transformation of America” the he promised..

4 thoughts on “As once again, they demonstrate that they no longer care what you think:

  1. The mask has been off for a long time to anyone who’s been paying attention.

  2. It’s akin to proclaiming Ramadan as swine producer’s week.

    It is disrespectful and it is evil.

  3. sooner rather than later they will make one too many insults. they are drunk on their power at the moment. they believe it will last forever. this is the kind of thing that results in genocide.

  4. In electronics this is called “thermal runaway,” where a component conducts, gets hot, making it conduct more, making it get hotter. Lather, rinse repeat.

    There’s no stopping this.

    …The upside is that, as happens to electronics in thermal runaway, this behavior will end up destroying itself…

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