There will come a day

When history will revile the name of Barack Obama and no one will want to be remembered as voting for him, working with him, or ever having known him. The damage he is doing to the country, the economy of the United States, our military preparedness, to the security of our borders (and all the implications for terrorism that that implies), to our relations with our allies, and to the culture of the people of this country will someday make him the most despised president ever. There will come a time when people will not admit to supporting him….when they will sell the cars upon which they placed “Obama” bumper stickers for fear of retribution.

At first I thought it was incompetence or naivete that led to the terrible things he did/has done to our country. No more. I am coming to believe that his actions and the actions of his supporters are a series of actions which indicate that there is a plan to harm both the country as a whole and the citizens upon which its strength resides. Now, I wonder if he was, in fact, placed where he is by our adversaries to facilitate damaging our country and economy.

If he continues as he has, until 2016, without the Legislature stopping him, he will, as he has promised, “Fundamentally transform America”… the expense of those citizens who are the lifeblood and the strength of this country. Further, he will have weakened “America” to the point where she will no longer be able to defend herself against her neighbors or adversaries.

I have no issues with a person whose philosophy is different than mine, so long as they wish to keep the US strong and vibrant we can agree on many things, to disagree.  Not so Barry Soetoro. I believe he hates the US and wishes to destroy this country. I am not so sure his published past is a true story, and, while I realize this sounds fairly tinfoil,  sometimes think that if I were an enemy of the US I could not find a person who could have done more damage from within than he has.

Remember, Rome fell not because of the barbarians outside of the gates, but from within. When the barbarians came, they found the gates already open.

Rant over.

2 thoughts on “There will come a day

  1. Actually, there were no gates. The romans welcomed the barbarians. Theres a great accounting of this in "How the irish saved civilization"

  2. Frustrated now? Wait until we learn all the goings-on in this guy's administration. We have years of writing material…

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