Tactical Tommy

So Friday, we are at the bowling alley, practicing to get the arm and such in shape because league starts on a few weeks.

Standing at the counter is a security guard:  a local cop.

Dude has a tactical vest on, with the front pockets filled with magazines and a bunch of unidentifiable stuff. 2 pockets held Glock mags, which made sense because he had a Glock on his hip.

Three other pockets held what appeared to be AR 30 round magazines…..Plastic ones with the old style fabric pull tab on the bottom.

Being the inquisitive sort of dude that I am, I asked him….”Are those AR magazines?”


“Why carry all that weight if you don’t have an AR on your shoulder? I mean, yer in a Bowling Alley

“The AR is in the car, and I need to have the spare mags handy on my vest if/when if I need ’em.” (the car was 150 feet away, through 2 sets of doors)

I think he just wanted to impress all the 14 year old kids that come there on Friday evenings on the summer.

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