Another example from where Great Britain used to be….

Some people don’t understand what war, and fighting in general, is all about.

Kill people, break things, in larger numbers than your opponent, until such time as he is orced to give up the fight.

If this offends the other side, too bad. If they really really don’t like it, even better. If it makes them uncomfortable enough to give up the fight earlier, then more power to the fighters who are making them unhappy. You can’t kill people in wholesale lots and yet be “culturally sensetive” at the same time.

But then again, true warriors make the weenies feel , well, kinda scared and weak kneed, and causes them to have to change their undewear more often. And it is thesse weenies who weaken the nation, and hobble the warriors in their mission. Niceness has no place in war. Horably killing the enemy does, but in the end, you ARE killing them. IF the condition of the body is not to the liking of his survivors, well, as the saying goes…..”Don’t want none? Don’t bring none.” The folks fighting against the coalition in Afghanistan seem to have less respect for our warriors than ours do for theirs…..So if occasionally someone on our side does something that they don’t like with one of their dead, then that should be a lesson to them as well. I don’t see where they have taken the time to worry about our cultural sensetivities when the blow themselves up in a crowd, or behead or mutilate folks on our side. And, to be honest, they seem to feel any worries we might have about offending them on our part as weakness.

Via Scotty: Seems that Lawdog agrees: