“There are many situations where fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask”

WTF? If i the Covid shot is effective, then why would a person who ahs had the shot need to EVER wear a mask…indoors or out.

I mean, if I am truly “vaccinated” then I can’t get the disease….and if I can’t get it, then I can’t pass it on.

So why would a “vaccinated” person have any use for a mask to either protect them from others with Covid, or to protect others from them?

Someone either doesn’t understand logic or knows that something isn’t what they’ve been telling us.


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  1. The “not a vaccine” vaccine does NOTHING to prevent infection or infecting others. It simply keeps an infected person from suffering severe symptoms. In that case, it will never be a fully licensed vaccine, just an experimental pre-treatment under emergency gubmint authorization. It will never enter my body.

  2. …And if you’re vaccinated, you shouldn’t need to worry about non-vaccinated people not wearing masks either…

    Remember, folks, this is coming to you from the same people who have been allowing illegal aliens enter the country, unvaccinated against ANY of the diseases AMERICA drove into the history books DECADES ago. It wasn’t a problem before COVID. It doesn’t even seem to be a problem WITH COVID. I call total bullshit…

  3. First, 94-95% efficacy is not 100% efficacy, so there is not necessarily total immunity.

    Second, a sizable portion of the population has acted and continues to act as though limiting the spread of Covid-19 is for chumps which has led to the development of numerous variants. So far the vaccines have held up well to the UK variant. Not sure how they are holding up to the South African and Brazilian variants. Also not sure how they will hold up to the numerous other variants that are no doubt developing as we debate.

    Third, some health experts believe that while an individual’s defense system, created by the vaccine, is fighting off Covid-19, there is a small window when the vaccinated individual could release coronavirus that could infect others.

    Now, a question for you, B. With a small percentage of the population that can’t get the vaccine due to health issues (immune deficiencies, treatment for other diseases, etc.) and about 30% of the population that share the sentiments of the commenters above, how do we get to herd immunity?


    • What matters “herd Immunity” as regard my post?
      Please, try to stay on topic…you games are not amusing.

      • What games, B? I provided (sane) answers to your “Kwestion” and then asked a question. If you don’t want to answer, don’t answer.


    • Its not a vaccine.

      It does not prevent infection in ANYONE. Glypto explained it.

      And all the numbers are BS. The dude that invented the test told the world that it should not be used as a diagnostic.

      If the masks worked, they would be discouraged, just like hydroxochloroquine (sp?) .

      This has been an enormous power grab and it worked.

        • Pretty clear to me:
          “It is important to note that detecting viral material by PCR does not indicate that the virus is fully intact and infectious, i.e. able to cause infection in other people. The isolation of infectious virus from positive individuals requires virus culture methods. These methods can only be conducted in laboratories with specialist containment facilities and are time consuming and complex.”.

          One should also note that PCR does not detect Covid-19 exclusively, but nearly all covid vairants…including the Common Cold in many incidents. THe false positive rate is pretty high, making it a less than precise tool for detection.

          You weren’t lying, Pete, but it comes close.

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