But if it is not approved in the US…

Then why does the United Stes Government HAVE 60 Million doses of the Astra Zeneca developed Covid-19 “vaccine” to “Share” with India? Why did they buy it in the first place?

I mean, since our FDA never approved that form of Covid shot for use in the United States (and upon it’s citizens and residents, legal or no) then why did the US Government purchase 60 million doses...and if it isn’t safe enough for the folks in this country, then why is it safe enough for those smaller brownish people on the other side of the world? Isn’t that racist? Don’t  Asian Brown Lives Matter?



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  1. A little research would show that through Operation WarpSpeed, the US paid for a lot of different vaccines prior to FDA authorization.


    And while the Astrazeneca vaccine is not approved for use in the US, it is approved in at least 20 other countries, including India.


    With demand for vaccination lagging in the US, and India having only 2% of its population fully vaccinated while being the current hotspot for Covid-19 on the planet, turns out the US is just being a good global neighbor.

    Doesn’t make for such a great sound bite, but it is more factual.


  2. If it’s not safe for Americans then why are we sending it to India?
    And why did the U S ourchase 60 Million doses if they can sell ’em elsewhere?

    • First question: First, the FDA has not said the Astrazeneca vaccine is unsafe; it just hasn’t given emergency authorization. There’s a big difference. The reasons could be many and are probably the same as why Pfizer, Moderna and J & J were authorized at different times–differing development, testing and production timelines. Also, with 3 approved vaccines that have at least met, if not exceeded, demand, there just isn’t urgency to authorize the Astrazeneca in the US. On the other hand, the Astrazeneca vaccine is produced in India, so it behooves them to approve it and maintain production for economic reasons as well as health reasons. I would also suggest that India is just as capable as the US of determining what is safe for its people.

      Second question: Same reasons the US purchased 100 million doses (with options to buy another 100-200 million doses) of the Pfizer, Moderna and J & J vaccines when they were all still in development. Reason 1: the Trump administration didn’t know which companies would produce successful vaccines the quickest, so they made sure they had sizable orders of all ensuring the vaccination process would start as soon as possible. Reason 2: All these prepayments were carrots to get drug companies to put a majority of their focus on Covid vaccine development while protecting them from bankruptcy if development didn’t pan out (see Merck). As I’m sure you are aware, drug companies usually divvy up their resources to develop numerous drugs with the hope of hitting on a few to cover total costs as well as provide profits, but this business model usually means years before a newly developed drug gets FDA approval and hits the market.

      Again, answers with minimal online research and no connection to conspiracy theories and racism.


  3. So if it is safe in all thoee other countries, then why not release it here in the US?

    • I’ve provided possible answers that aren’t based on wacko racist conspiracy theories. Read my comments.


      • You havent answered shit. Typical Liberal….You apparently think that if you spew a bunch of words it must mean you said something…..It doesn’t. More words doesn’t mean you were more specific nor more profound either.

        If it isn’t safe (or “approved”) for here in the US, then why is it safe (or approved) to be used on people from other countries?

        • Astrazeneca hasn’t applied for emergency authorization from the FDA. That’s the reason it hasn’t received emergency authorization.

          Astrazeneca completed stage 3 testing on a group consisting of about 36,000 people–mostly US citizens. The results were similar to J&J–78% efficacy. The FDA asked for results from a larger test group. That’s where we stand.

          No conspiracy, no racism, no safety issues.

          Just because you don’t look for answers doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.


          • Now, see, that is the first time you’ve answered the question rather than just blathering or being a snarky asshole.

            Thank you.

  4. And the tools I used to find it were available to you too, but instead of using them yourself, you chose to post your racism-conspiracy sound bite.

    So speaking of being an asshole . . .


  5. To be fair, I was unaware of the details and did not know to look for the facts you (finally) brought up. Thanks for the education.
    However, keep on as you are and I will move you to Spam. You seem to want to start as Jerk, and only when pressed do you become not-a-Jerk. Change that, so we can all enjoy the different viewpoint and knowledge and insigts you bring.
    Or don’t. Your choice.

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