a question for the Liberals:

How many dollars is a “fair share” when it comes to taxes?

I mean, the “Rich” (upper 5%) pay better than 60% of tax dollars, last time I checked….


So how much, exactly, is a “fair share”?

Please, be specific.

And why is it so bad for CEO’s to make really good money for their responsibilities and abilities to run a company, but it is never mentioned thatProfessional athletes and musicians (especially Rap musicians) get paid so much for THEIR abilities…..

All of the above groups have abilities above and byond us “normal” folks. I can’t rap worth a damn, nor can I toss a football that well, nor can I run a multi billion dollar company as well as those folks….and I don’t get paid as much as any of them. Are we gonna limit the pay for professional athletes to not more than 100 times that of the average ticket buyer? Rap artists to not more than 50 times that of the average music buyer? How about we limit the advertising money paid by Nike to these athletes to not more that 75 times that of the average sneaker purchasers yearly wage?

3 thoughts on “a question for the Liberals:

  1. This kind of thing goes through and gets signed into law, at which time the term “rich” is “redefined” to mean “anyone whose working for a living.” California pulls this kind of crap all the time. Today’s varmint gun becomes tomorrow’s “assault- style” weapon. It works like that… America is getting soundly F*CKED as we watch…

  2. My “fair share” ends when the money I make working ends up in the pocket of someone who doesn’t and doesn’t want to. Mandated charity is nothing more than THEFT, its proceeds going into the pockets of people who won’t work, in exchange for votes. This is what it’s all about…

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