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Enough of this bullshit. Few people killed by cops are on their first encounter with police, be they black, white, or any other color or race.

These people killed by cops are, while perhaps a loss to their friends and family and a tragedy, are not a great loss to our society. Whites get killed (at nearly twice the rate) doing stupid criminal tricks too, and few outside of their family or friends notice or care. And even when whites get killed by cops for resisting or otherwise, their (white and hispanic and asian) family and/or friends generally admit that they were part of their own demise because of the lifestyle they lived.

Not so with black men. They are never to blame for some reason, despite their lifestyle, their criminality and their actions and behavior. They were always “Turnin their life around” or somesuch…But they were criminals and scofflaws….and that gets them in trouble.

Fact is, Duante Wright was the ultimate cause of his death. Had he not been a criminal, he might have been able to find a job. Had he not robbed people. he’d not have been on parole. Had he chosen to show up to talk with his parole officer, he’d not have had a warrant. Had he bothered to either pay his registration for his car or chosen not to drive with expired tags, he’d not have been pulled over and the cops would not have noticed that he had a warrant. Had he not resisted, there would not have been a struggle wherein the cops decided to taze him….and there would not have been a mistake where he was shot and later died.

He made those choices. Each and every one of them. And whoever birthed him and raised him failed him…they didn’t teach him to follow even the most basic rules to live in our society.

And he and his ilk are not a loss to our society….Be they black or asian, white, or hispanic. Failures of parenting or failure to simply learn to follow the rules of society, or for whatever reason, they are no great loss to society as a whole.

George Floyd made choices also. He chose to be a criminal, a turd, a less than stellar citizen. He chose to resist. And now the Country has to pay for his bad choices. Mr Chauvin has to pay for the choices too….

It is time for the Media and the Social Media to stop revering these criminals when they get killed by police.Sometimes it is because the criminals (black or any other race) make the decision to resist, escalating until things get lethal. We need to accept that, that police are left to do a shitty job with shitty people…and sometime to deal with those shitty people takes lots of force….sometimes too much.

At what point should police just let the situation go….if the suspect or arrestee fights back  enough, should the cops simply walk away so the suspect doesn’t get hurt? Is that really a good idea?

Further, it is time to admit that Black People kill Black People at a higher rate than the police do….Do more crime than other demographics as well. …Perhaps, instead of revering the Thug lifestyle, they should try following the laws of society…..those who do tend to follow the rules (black or white or whatever) are pretty much successful and seldom, if ever, get shot by police.

If we’d stop popularizing these criminal people, perhaps the rest would get the message.

Or not.


If George Floyd

Had acted like Chauvin did when he was taken into custody after the trial, there would have been no trial and no “Knee on the neck” (which it wasn’t)…

Notice Mr Chauvin didn’t resist arrest, he didn’t fight, he didn’t need to be held down so they could put leg restraints on him. Nor did it take more than one officer to lead him away under arrest

Of course, even if he had cooperated, George Floyd would still be dead from the thrice-lethal dose of fentanyl in his system, they just wouldn’t be able to blame the police….


If the “Black Leadership” would spend half the energy LEADING rather than protesting and pontificating….

And the rest of the “Black Community” would spend half of the energy they do protesting and crying for handouts on actually improving themselves and especially their community…..

And if Both groups would stop making excuses for the behavior of some (not all, by any means) of their members criminal activities and instead help police their own communities….

Then we wouldn’t be having any issues.

Of course, then the Black Lives Matter (Buy Large Mansions) movement and the Sharptons and the rest wouldn’t be able to make any money off of their supporters, either.



And there you have it

Pretty much destroys any reason for anyone to be a cop or, if a cop, to bother to enforce the law.

Derek Chauvin is found guilty of murder…on all counts.

I hope that those people who chose this as their cause to rile up the Black People of this country can accept that they have damaged Mr. Chauvin beyond repair, that they have sacrificed him to their cause in order to rile up Black People and their vote in order to get their man elected….

Having chosen criminals and criminal behavior over the rule of law, I hope they can accept the damage they have done to our society in the name of Race. Choosing criminal black people, and making excuses for them, over civilized behavior….A drug user who resisted arrest, fought police, who had a record a mile long…..They have set black people back decades in the eyes of whites. We now expect Blacks to be criminals, and expect that there will always be excuses for their criminal behavior  because they are black.

This is a slap in the face of the Rule of Law, and a slap in the face of every law abiding citizen, especially law abiding Black citizens.

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You gotta feel sorry

For the folks in Minneapolis.

The waiting.

Knowing that no matter how the verdict goes, it will be used as an excuse for riots and “asset redistirbution” and burning.

Pretty much also at any larger city.

Whoever is orchestrating this is doing terrible damage to the way that Black people are looked upon by their fellow citizens.

Armed terrorists shoot at authorities:


The real start of our country…..

Happened on this day in 1775 in the region of Concord, Mass. There is a reason it is called “Patriots Day” in some places….

This was the real start of the Revolution that became the movement that became the United States.

Fine, upstanding citizens stood up and said “No” to the heavy hand of the British.

(And they used the “Assault Weapon” of the day). Think about it….

As you read this

28 years ago today:

The FBI, with the full agreement and support of the United States Attorney Gneral and President, are attacking the Branch Davidian compound without regards to damages to the occupants.

76 people burned to death that day. While the Federal Agents watched.

Remember this day. THe Federal Government, to cover up terrible mistakes by the ATF, killed 76 people….Radical Christians, perhaps, but citizens of the United States, nonetheless.

And, sadly, none of the Federal Agents involved were in any way censured or punsihed.

Those responsible should have been shot.

Much truth


Saw this and had to steal it.

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BTW: did you know you have to show an ID to get your covid shot? How racist is that?