She’s shocked, shocked, I tells ya


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Seems that the US taxpayers are buying copies of a childrens book written by Kamala Harris and are distributing thousands of them to our “undocumented immigrant” children….

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Ms Harris was “Unaware” (or so she says) that the books, purchased at full price, of course, were being distributed to the child invaders…

So not only are we paying for the care and feeding and transportation of these children, but now we are enriching an illegitimate VP. She wasn’t content to steal an election, now she has to be enriching herlself in other ways (at taxpayer expense) as well.

Does anyone really think that she was “Unaware” of the sale of tens of thousands of her books? Or that that choice of books was a random choice by the CBP?

And all the DNC types kept looking for Graft in the Trump administration…Methinks it was a case of Projection by the Dems, as we see them find ways for graft so easily…..This is vaguely reminiscent of the Debacle (and subsequent conviction) of Catherine Pugh…..


ETA 4/28/21: Just to set the record straight:  Apprently the story has changed and the original news article, after fact checking, is untrue, or that the original story cannot be substantiated. Sometimes Confirmation Bias even get me.

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