So they need special treatment

Listening to the “News” this morning, I was kinda surprised to hear (on CBS) that “Police need to understand Black Men better….and understand that their first instinct is to run away….and they can’t help themselves….and police need to take that into account when they run or struggle”

WTF? I’v been (ahem) “Detained”….And yes, when approached, MY first instinct was to run…..yet, not being an animal I chose not to do so in order to Not Make Things Worse…..Nor did I resist either….

But, apparently, Black Men are unable to control their urges….and therefore are special and need special treatment? Are more animal like? Less civilized? Perhaps more unstable? Some of this is true for SOME individuals, but we can’t let that be a part of hiring decisions, but cops gotta treat Black Men differently even though we are all the same and all equal…..Funny how that works, innit?

Much like the statements that “Black kids threaten each other with knives all the time”….so that is “normal” and we are just supposed to accept that…and that is an excuse for why a cop should not shoot to protect others from the person wielding the knife…..Excuses for uncivilized behavior so they can blame the cops instead of the miscreant.

Enojugh of this bullshit…either people with African ancestry are civilized people able to control their emotions and urges….or they are animals. You can’t have it both ways….or even half-way. One or the other. Civilized or animal.

Pick one