Women never take responsibility for their actions, do they?

Tennessee cop-gone-wild Maegan Hall claims she was SEXUALLY GROOMED by ‘predator’ superiors in new lawsuit

Funny, she isn’t a child, she was mature enough to become a cop. (Lets face it, if her case is found to have merit, then every single decision, every single citation, every single charge that was laid in the course of her police career will be subject to review). She is 26 years old fer chrissake.

But she claims she was unable to make decisions about who (and how) she slept with …because she was “Groomed”.

If that is indeed true, then she makes the case for the belief that “women should not be let out in public without a keeper”….She was well past the milestone where we, as a society, have decided that people are adult enough to make their own decisions. If a single feminist sides with Ms Hall, then they destroy (once again) the claim that women are the equal of men.

Time and time again we hear the claim “I was pressured” “I was fooled”, ” I was taken advantage of”. Yer either an adult able to make your own decisions, or you aren’t. You can either say “No” or you can’t.

Ladies, you gotta pick one or the other. Adult and independent, or chattel?

4 thoughts on “Women never take responsibility for their actions, do they?

  1. A friend once said her ex tricked her into marrying him. I laughed then ridiculed her.

    Imagine my surprise at the end of my own divorce, my soon-to-be ex said that I had tricked her into marrying me. I was aghast.
    Then I reminded her that as an adult she ostensibly has the ability to make her own decisions, especially for one of the biggest decisions (marriage) in life.

    She didn’t even waver. She then proceeded to count the ways. She actually said my business was a trap. I have to wonder if womanhood is some form of mental disease.

  2. This crap started when being drunk was considered to be an excuse. Morning regret turned into rape allegations that were normalized by academe and lead to ‘Me Too’. This took the onus and responsibility off of the woman for her own behavior. Allegations of ‘grooming’ are just another head of this particular hydra and it’s still women ducking responsibility for their actions. She wasn’t forced at gunpoint or with threats to her job to schtup all of her co-workers.

  3. Females….like leftists…want it all. They want to have things “both ways”.

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