Funny, we fence dangerous bulls and leash aggressive dogs

And we do so for a good reason…to protect society.

But a dangerous child? Oh, no, god forbid we prevent him from being a danger to the rest of society.

6’6″ thug, 17, who had to be dragged off unconscious female teaching aide who he knocked out for confiscating his Nintendo Switch

He beat his teacher unconscious and was hauled off to jail by cops (until they could figure out how else to handle him)…and an advocate claims he should have been treated differently….

While I do think folks with behavioral and emotional issues should not be jailed, and we, as a society need to show some compassion for them, I also do not think they should be in places where their outburst can bring harm to others. They need to be institutionalized to some degree, if only for the safety of others. I’m not unsympathetic to his plight, but at some point, you gotta realize that that big of a man, with emotional issues, is a danger to others.

His parents had him living in a “Group Home” because they couldn’t handle him.

And you’ll notice that the loudmouth “Mental Health Advocate” isn’t offering to take charge of this 17 year old, nearly 270 lb ,violent, emotionally disturbed kid….



7 thoughts on “Funny, we fence dangerous bulls and leash aggressive dogs

  1. Nobody is going to address the problems caused by these ground apes because doing so invariably costs them their career and possibly their freedom. The criminals in power have now created a state where their black thug shock troops can run amok with impunity. It’s going to require vigilante violence on a scale never seen in this country to restore order and rein in these animals that have been unleashed on society.

    • Well, Dan, what would you have the cops do? They took him to jail, you know , this linebacker sized child with control issues…then they figured out what to do for him after that.

      I know you hate cops, but what would you have suggested they do with a violent child like this? Feel free to tell us how they should have handled him.

  2. Baby Huey is clearly a violent mental health patient, and never should have been placed into a high school neither intended nor staffed and equipped to handle violent impulsive behavior by someone the size of an NFL tackle.

    The people who put him in that high school, whether legal officers, medical staff of any stripe, or simply incompetent educators, should be stripped of professional certifications, and sued civilly for such a jackassical decision. It’s fine to not criminally charge the mentally incompetent, but those who create those situations have no such excuse, and should be held fully and totally accountable for their decisions. His behavior, far from being unknown, was entirely predictable and well-known to his “advocates”. Wishing otherwise doesn’t make it so. This is malpractice and criminal negligence, chargeable both criminally and civilly, and it should be so handled by the county authorities.

    Baby Huey does that in the parking lot one day, and the first time he hears “No!” and it’s made to stick, may well be the sudden recipient of half a magazine of .40 or 9mm flying into his mentally incompetent hide, and then everyone will be “O! So sorry”, and “How did this happen?”, and blaming the police instead of the psych zookeepers and the babbling enablers who failed to use a whit of common sense.

  3. Agree with Aesop. “Baby Huey” is a danger to others. Tough on the family but “Baby Huey” should not be inflicted on in innocent victims.

  4. When people advocate for arming teachers they’re considering violent invaders from outside the school. This is the reverse – the violent person is inside the school, and did not invade, he was deliberately placed there.

    Doesn’t change the need to arm teachers though, attacked and dead or permanently disabled is still attacked and dead or permanently disabled no matter who does it.

    Advocating shooting students? Nope, advocating defending oneself, and those for whom one has that responsibility, from threats to life and safety regardless from where they originate.

    I’m with Aesop, we have not heard the last from this guy; it may take a while, but he’ll be back in the news one way or another.

  5. When my kid was in the 3rd grade there was one of these in his class. This shaved ape spent his days doing whatever he wanted to in the classroom, including jumping onto the desks of the other kids and giving them hell. Eventually it was my son’s turn in this loon’s barrel My son tried to deal with it but it wasn’t happening. A short time later the animal came at my son in the schoolyard. His younger brother saw what was happening and went in for the assist. BOTH my sons were suspended! The shaved ape was also on my son’s Little League team, so I knew what he was dealing with. I went at both the teacher and principal with both barrels. They replied “Every child needs to have the opportunity to learn.” I replied “Yeah? Well, what about MY son? What about every other kid in that classroom???” Crickets… Nothing but crickets… Funny; their attitudes changed when I threatened legal action against them and the parents of the kid… My sons were back in class the next day… ‘Sucks that you need to do such to defend your kids against the likes of this animal. He was TRULY institution material…

  6. Agree with Aesop on this one. I’m betting this kid will be dead before he’s 21.

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