Saw this in a store under a “Help Wanted” sign

Pretty good advice.

Sad that so many people never learn this.

3 thoughts on “Saw this in a store under a “Help Wanted” sign

  1. It used to be just an expectation that growing up, we would learn these lessons, by our parents influence, and by usually having some type of paying job, be it hauling hay or working in a gas station, something that I did for the last two years of high school.
    For those who lived in more urban areas, there were the fast food jobs, or delivering food or flowers, etc.
    We learned work ethic simply by working. I myself worked in the gas station from 5-10 Friday and Saturday nights, and 9-9 on Sunday. 22 hours a week, in addition to school and the very large number of extra curricular activities I was involved in, from a sport every season, to selling tickets at girls basketball games, running the Varsity Club concession stand during boys basketball games.
    I learned that I could be busy and still have a life, something that paid dividends at the steel manufacturing plant that I worked at for 35 + years. There were times when we would work 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week, for months on end.
    I truly wonder just what this current generation will do when they find that living requires a job and it takes work to keep that job? Especially since they have been babied their whole lives.

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