Stop the Rent!

Those damned greedy landlords.

There is  push in Chicago (and in many other cities, I am told) to “stop the rent”….Force the landlords to give their tenants a month or more of free rent.
(strangely, these folks sound just like the socialists that demand free heath care, free college, free medical care, free everything….)

These folks are demanding free rent…they claim they can’t pay it. They are getting, after less than 2 months off of work approximately 1.5 times the “normal” amount of unemployment pay, there are free food pantries all over the place. They had the gasoline for their vehicle to do the parade in protest…..And they had the electronics and data services to get them together to do the protest.

But they don’t have the money to pay their rent. Odd, that.

One wonders who is organizing this movement of the terribly poor and downtrodden folks

They also fail to realize that their landlord needs to pay his or her payment to their lender…or they simply don’t care.

These folks look like, and talk like, every other socialist….. “I deserve Free Shit” is the official cry of the “downtrodden”…

3 thoughts on “Stop the Rent!

  1. Even more reason to get back to business and get on with our lives before the economy collapses completely. But the Left actually wants the country to collapse. Some of them have even said as much, as they wished for a recession so they could get rid of Trump. I hope people remember that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for the nation's demise.

  2. "One wonders who is organizing this movement of the terribly poor and downtrodden folks."

    Say; wasn't OBAMA a "community organizer…"

  3. Oops. I left a comment, thinking I was addressing this post, but I evidently left my remarks under your previous post, "Why is this not Price Gouging?" Sorry about that! (Can I plead guilty of poor eyesight?)

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