‘Tis sad

Fred the Feral Cat is cold….

And, today, is more feral than most times.

I can’t bring him in with the other cats until I can get a health check, and I can’t do that until I can pick him up. Which he won’t allow.

He returned this morning from wherever he spent last night, cold and unhappy. And ate when I gave him food, but was very wary. Drank a bunch of water as well. It is about zero F outside, but the wind is much less.

He was in the shelter I made for him (which has a heated pad in it) until I opened the door about 10 AM to shovel off the back deck. Then he got all squirrely and ran away…then returned to be close, but wouldn’t enter the shelter and wouldn’t let me touch him. I can’t do more to help him, and he’s unhappy and cold. He’s currently hiding under the deck. Cold.

But that is of his own making, All I can do is what I can do…..”Some Men (and critters) you just caint’ Reach”…so he is cold and less than happy…..

3 thoughts on “‘Tis sad

  1. when you are ready, get drugs from vet whom you will have arranged to be on standby
    put in tin of tuna
    have carrier ready
    when he passes out hie him to the vet where everything will be taken care of
    be sure to have money as this is expensive
    there will be blood tests, worming, neutering sand first round of vaccines

    • I’m not drugging a cat in the winter.
      He has a warm place to sleep, knows about it, and will either use it or not.

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