It’s nice to see traditions continue

So I was invited to my brother’s house for dinner this Christmas eve. He had the family traditional meal: Carne con chile, rice, refried beans, tortillas and enchiladas. The same meal I ate every Christmas eve at my parents house.

Since my parents are living far away, it was nice to have the touch of tradition. My brother and his wife, their two daughters and their significant others, and of course, one wayward uncle.

He did a pretty good job of following mom’s recipes as well.

It is nice to see traditions continue.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

One thought on “It’s nice to see traditions continue

  1. Yep….before coming in to work the night shift in ER the missus fixed the usual Christmas feast for me, our daughters and their husbands…. Chilie Rellenos, Enchiladas and Mexican rice.

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