Funny, I don’t see them caring about the cities on the border…..

So Denver is “At the breaking point” having to deal with 1300 immigrants…..

That is less than what cities like El Paso, Del Rio and other border cities deal with in a single day.

But the folks in Denver keep voting for Blue politicians who vote for open borders, who create the problems they are complaining about…

If caring for a few thousand immigrants is hurting the city, then perhaps they can imagine what the folks in Arizona and New Mexico and Texas deal with every day….

I hope those border cities ship places like Denver their share of illegal border crossers. I’d gladly contribute to the costs of the busses for that.

3 thoughts on “Funny, I don’t see them caring about the cities on the border…..

  1. Yep it was a brilliant move for Texas and Florida to ship illegals to where it is proudly proclaimed that they are sanctuary cities and “no human is illegal”, and make them live up to their empty words.

    Reality shows their oh-so-caring proclamations to be worth less than nothign when they have to be the ones shouldering the costs.

  2. DeSantis and/or Abbott should begin shipping everyone they catch to Denver UFN, until they put a couple of zeroes after that number, and then listen to the shrieking.

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