Thank God I didn’t choose Southwest

And I likely will think twice before ever choosing them again….

Back from Phoenix. I am So thankful I flew Allegiant Airlines rather than Southwest….As I’d have been caught up in their operations meltdown.

As it was, no operational delays out of South Bend (except for the guy in the seat a few rows behind me, who passed out (Diabetic issues I think) just before they closed the doors and had to be hauled off the plane by paramedics ….and that is not the airline’s fault….)

Arrived Mesa airport almost on time even with the delay at departure and spent a wonderful few days with my parents in Phoenix….including taking them to dinner on their 60th wedding anniversary.

Oddly enough, weather wise, despite the temps being below zero a few days ago, it was nearly as warm at home as it was in Phoenix……. mid 50’s and rainy there and in Indiana, upper 40’s.

Anyway, had I gone my normal route, Southwest via Midway airport, I’d likely still be trying to GET to Phoenix……

And despite the stories and spin and excuses being put forth in the press releases, the “new” COO at Southwest is also part of the issue, having had since April of ’22 to do something about the operations…and he has done nothing to improve the situation……So he too is part of the problem. Plus the policies that led to 200 ramp workers in Denver either calling off or quitting…..which began the meltdown.

I will suggest that if you need a decent discount airline that flies from secondary airports, that you check out Allegient. Be aware that you pay extra for everything….bags, drinks, snacks, etc) but the price of the ticket is low and the service and operations are decent…the value is pretty good, all told.

4 thoughts on “Thank God I didn’t choose Southwest

    Now that’s a slogan that every other airline should put on their websites.

  2. Allegiant is the airline that my wife and I used to frequent when we were flying every winter to spend a week in Florida. We did that when I was still working. I am in Michigan, and I had 5 weeks of vacation, and with such low fares from either Grand Rapids to Florida or Lansing to Florida, there is no way we could drive that cheaply.
    One year, my wife got us a deal where we spent 5 days and 4 nights, including hotel and rental car and round trip tickets, for only 300$ total. For both of us! The only thing is, with prices like that, you have to watch when they post the prices, I think that they used to post them on Tuesday. And you have to be willing to travel whenever the dates were. Thankfully, I had so much seniority that I could take my vacation any time that I wanted, for the most part.
    I left after over 35 years, starting in 1978 right out of high school. So for the last 10 years of so, we went to Florida. I hate cold and winter, my wife says it is because of me working with molten steel my entire life. But I think that it is just because I hate dark and dreary days.
    Best wishes and happy new year.

  3. Pigpen speaks truth.
    Frontier and Allegeient have been at least as reliable as the big carriers for me at a substantial discount. Their profit margin is tight enough, their fleets are small enough, and their corporate focus is such, that they are motivated to make it work for a host of different reasons that are overcome by management (bureaucracy) with the larger carriers.
    I fly with only a personal bag whenever possible. EVERYTHING else costs extra and can quickly add up to the cost of a major carrier if not careful.
    Will sends.

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