Now we’ve seen Trump’s Tax Returns.

So when do we see the tax returns of all the rest of the Senators and Congressmen?

I mean, public disclosure just like Trump. I actually don’t think it is a bad idea to see the tax returns for every public official.

Let’s start with Pelosi, and work from there.

3 thoughts on “Now we’ve seen Trump’s Tax Returns.

  1. i wanna see brandon’s and hunter’s. then their real books. oh and schiff’s.

  2. The law only applies if it’s needed to get someone to move a certain way, think a certain way, or vote a certain way. Oh; and let’s not forget “revenue enhancement.” It’ll never be used against the “enforcers…” I think even Left-Wingers should worry about this. If it can be done to Trump, it can be done to all of us!!!

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