Who is his boss? Who does Joe Biden actually work for?

So Biden says he is “Willing to shut down the border” right now…..If the border deal passes (With Ukraine funding). 

(read that again….the security of this country hinges on him getting taxpayer money for Ukraine)


Why isn’t he willing to shut down the border RIGHT FUCKING NOW?

Why is he holding this COUNTRY, the United States, hostage, in order to make sure that Ukraine gets it’s funding…more free money from the United States taxpayer? Why is that more important to him , higher in priority, than the sovereignty of our country’s borders and the economic health of our citizens? (How much are they kicking back to him and his family?)


Who, exactly, is he working for? The people of the Untied States, or the Government of Ukraine?

This is the question that EVERYONE should be asking. Every single person, Republican, Democrat, Independent,….Black, White, other.,,,,, Straight, Gay or whatever.  Man, woman or unsure. Every citizen of the US should ask this question. So should the media, but they aren’t. So we should ask it of everyone we know, everyone we meet, everyone we can get to listen? Make ’em think. Make ’em question.

If you are reading this you should point these facts out to everyone you know and ask them….Make them ask that question until Biden answers it…..

If you own a blog, or do Twitter or Facebook or whatever media platform…..you should be asking this question there as well.



ETA: Thanks to CederQ at Bustenuckles and  Irish at the Feral Irishman for spreading the word. Every single person should see the question and ask themselves what Biden is doing and why. I don’t care if you give me credit or not. But put the word out there any way you can and make everyone ask why this is happening.

16 thoughts on “Who is his boss? Who does Joe Biden actually work for?

  1. Unfortunately, too many in our country have far simpler needs than we do.

    Open Starbucks?

    Free WiFi?

    OK. All is well…

    Joe Biden is a TRAITOR, and should suffer a traitor’s fate… With the grace of God, he soon will…

    • So make sure that this is put in front of as many people as possible. Tell everyone. Get them asking the same question.
      Do your part to spread the word.

      • Oh, I do. Trouble is, I get the same response from many of those people as I get from my dog… And truthfully, I don’t think I’m being fair to the dog…

  2. Shared it on Bustednuckles B. The question above all else that should be asked and no brook taken from any answer not the truth and not revealing. The poopy president doesn’t work for us. Never has and 90% of our representatives don’t either.

  3. Remember when comrade commissar Brandon (CPUSA/CCP) said I don’t work for you at a UAW shindig in the glorious peoples republic of Michigan in the spring of 2020?

    • Obozo is NOT in charge. He was and is every bit the puppet that Pedo Joe is. The people holding the strings were not elected, are not accountable and are almost completely anonymous. And THEY answer to rich and powerful people like the Soros, Schwab and Rothschild crime families.

  4. It’s truly DISGUSTING to see what is going on in Our Nation! If people can’t see that the DEMOcrats (HYPOCRITES) are totally corrupt and determined to DESTROY Our Nation then they must truly be BLIND or COMPLICIT!

    The House had better STOP the CR’s and shut this crap down! Maybe that way the STATES will be able to handle their OWN SECURITY and stop the flow of the invaders!

    We still need to be very vigilant in light of the MILLIONS of UN-VETTED invaders allowed in by biden!! At this point the States should declare that any deaths, injuries, rapes, or thefts by biden’s illegals will result in charges AGAINST BIDEN!

  5. Don’t forget that the Ukraine has the reputation as the most corrupt nation in Europe & we’re talking about a LOT of money.

  6. brandon works for brandon. that’s all. obamy was directed by valery jarrett, iranian daughter of parents that invented the muslim brotherhood. follow the money, always.

    • The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, an Egyptian school-teacher and Sunni Muslim. Valerie Jarrett is not his daughter, nor for that matter, his grand-daughter. Banna has been dead since being hung by the Egyptian government in 1949. Did Jarrett have a connection to the Persian branch of the Ikhwan? That might be possible….

  7. Makes me want to puke. And the Senate Republicans are rushing to get him his desires, knowing full well Biden and the Democrat’s have no intention of closing the border. Once again Americans are screwed over by our corrupt representatives.

    Anyway, posted at my blog. Ten more people will know.

  8. The Biden regime is indeed holding the country hostage by demanding more money for “Ukraine,” but – as bad as that is – it isn’t the full extent of our problems.

    First of all, even if Congress appropriates the funds Biden et al. demand, which are alleged to be for the Ukraine, only a trickle of that money will actually be used there to fight the war. The rest will be siphoned off by Zelensky and his cronies, and some of it will be recirculated back into leftist pockets in the U.S.

    In other words, this is one large money-laundering operation, designed to benefit the regime and its pals. Anyone who still believes this is legitimate “foreign aid” is a dupe or a fool, or both. This is a criminal enterprise being paid for by the U.S. taxpayers.

    Who does Biden work for? That’s a good question, but the answer isn’t “Ukraine”…those seeking answers would be better-served by casting their gaze upon the mandarins at the World Economic Forum, the President of the PRC Xi Xinping, and similar figures. Biden is an employee; a very well-paid employee – but an employee none-the-less. The billionaire oligarchs and the Chinese are who actually own him and his coke-snorting son.

    Those thinking that the GOP caucus will ride to the rescue are by-and-large kidding themselves. They mostly work for the same bosses as Biden. Keeping the border open has been a bipartisan project, a joint “D+R” betrayal of our founding principles.

    The answer to the question “Why isn’t the border closed?” is that the oligarchs who actually run things don’t want it closed. Border enforcement has been a sham for years, decades really, a textbook case of “security theater” designed to lull the dupes into believing the “something is being done,” when the reality is that our national border is as porous as ever.

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