Lots of money “Missing” in Ukraine

A recent Pentagon report has brought to light that over $1 billion in military aid sent to Ukraine by the United States has not been properly accounted for.


Lots and lots of missing weapons, missing funds, missing materiel, and the :”Financial Aid” is missing all over the place.


I am sure that not all of them give 10% back, but enough of them do that the post below this one to makeĀ  more and more sense…

6 thoughts on “Lots of money “Missing” in Ukraine

  1. This is my “Shocked” face……….
    Never has so much corruption been in plain view and so many people choose not to see it

  2. For decades an ENORMOUS percentage of “foreign aid” is shipped right back to the USA as bribes/kickbacks. And never forget the mandatory “10% for the big guy”.

  3. It will be hilarious when pedo joe dies , dr. jill goes looking for the tens of millions of dollars , and the crackhead has already stole it.

  4. “I am sure that not all of them give 10% back”
    And that will be the crime that causes that person to turn on Zelensky

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