On the bright side

He won’t reoffend, and he won’t cost the state any more money to house him….

People seem to think that an execution should be all happy and shit. It is the killing (as punishment for crimes) of another human being. Nowhere do I see that it should be painless nor fun. It is, ultimately, retribution.

And it might, just maybe, make other potential criminals think just a bit before acting…..

The curtains opened. The death warrant was read. Then the most violent execution I’ve ever seen began: The thrashing… the retching…. the last gasp – my view from the witness gallery of the world’s first nitrogen suffocation that will haunt me forever

5 thoughts on “On the bright side

  1. they should have included carbon monoxide. black out by the second breath.

  2. This alleged journalist shows his bias. No surprise.
    Any thrashing or anxiety would be from emotion, possibly theatrics for benefit of media. Certainly not from the N gas.

  3. BTW: most every aviator was instructed on the stages of hypoxia.
    Even if not desiring the FAA endorsement for high altitude, a stint in a hypobaric chamber is worthy of the information gained.

    There are a number of chambers accessible to the public (saturation divers, or plain ol SCUBA divers, too) located around the country.

    Death by hypoxia would be pleasant. Knowing you’re about to meet your maker may not be pleasant. It is the latter which the journalist alleges to have witnessed.

    • Done several altitude chamber.rides. The hypoxia demo is painless; happy, giddy, pass out. (Thought they generally get you to put your mask back on or have your seat mate do it before you pass out.)

  4. To fellow pilots:

    For years I’ve looked to the Area Forecast for synopsis.
    Noticeably something has changed in recent years. From today’s FA, there is this;

    “… passing high clouds in the sky. Some would say these clouds are harbingers of changing weather, but that is a smidge dramatic.”

    Pro Tip: if you want to see clouds, look to the sky.

    There is an example of the change in the calibet of professional NOAA weather guessers.
    Read it and weep.

    (I know, off topic, but I was compelled to show what your tax dollars are paying for.)

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