Trust, but verify

So it would seem that in Nevada, they are still gonna use machines to count the votes, but will also hand count ’em to make sure there are no…..Shennanigans, shall we say.

Something like 70% of the American people doubt the integrity of our elections. I’d like to see more states follow Nevada’s lead.

We used to have ballots that we filled out here in Indiana….that were counted by a machine, but which were also batch audited by hand…Now we don’t even get a ballot we can verify, much less one that can be verified after machine counting.

Odd how that changed shortly after Trump won in his landslide, innit? Before that, we all trusted our elections.


6 thoughts on “Trust, but verify

  1. It really doesn’t matter HOW the votes are counted. It’s WHO does the counting that makes the difference. And the commie criminal left….using money from people like Soros….has infiltrated a LOT of lower level political offices. Like District Attorneys and COUNTY CLERKS… know, the ones who RUN THE ELECTIONS.

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