At least one

One of the pilots I interact with was a Federal agent in a three Letter agency….Law enforcement. .


He got tired of the games, the lies, and the political bias and decided to move to a different Federal agency.

He’s tracking fraud now, liking the job much less but able to look into the mirror every morning without hating who he sees.

He admits that he didn’t fix the problem in the agency but he is not struggling with “Follow orders or lose your job” every day. He made the choice to remove himself from the battle.

It isn’t a fix, but it is a start. He’s a good man, and was caught between a rock and a hard place. It is his belief that there is no fix for the agency he left.

3 thoughts on “At least one

  1. Thanks.

    It is too bad the resignations don’t get the same coverage as the abuses of power and destruction of public trust.

  2. Unfortunately, this is also the fate of every American fighting man, +1… Obey, or lose your job… and go to Leavenworth…

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