Innit funny

So a DNC led (for more than 40 years) city, with Black leadership for over 20 years, that cannot manage it’s infrastructure or finances is somehow the result of racism because their water supply is damaged by flooding.

But it is, of course, the white Man’s fault. 

They can’t run the city, they can’t plan for the future, they can’t do any infrastructure improvements, they ahve no funding plan ecept)get the State or the Feds to pay for it”.

But it isn’t the black mayor’s fault, or the DNC led city government, so it MUST be the white (conservative) people who are keepin’ the blacks down…Except the fact that the DNC and the “People Of Color “have run the city for over 40 years.

Perhaps if they learned to take the blame for mismanagement they could learn enough to improve things instead of running them down.

2 thoughts on “Innit funny

  1. Wakanda Is Real.
    It looks like Jackson.

    As everyone who’s travelled sub-Saharan Africa can attest.

  2. The truly sick part is MILLIONS of morons will buy into the racism BS.

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