What, me worry?

You should read THIS.


You are open to blackmail. No you aren’t doing anything wrong, and no, you think you don’t have anything to hide.

But so did Justice Roberts.

What (if anything) did the Obama Administration have on him to make him change his opinion so drastically re: Obamacare?

Most of my readers are conservative. Some are active in conservative organizations or attend anti government protests. Do they have anything to hide?

The telephone metadata can show contacts. Can prove communications. Can be used against them should one of their contacts be classified as an “enemy of the State” .

This data can be used to quiet dissenting voices.

The government has been doing such things for a long time. Since at least during the Vietnam war era, they have tracked dissenters. They wiretapped MLK and his associates and attempted to get him to stop his protests with what they heard. Now they have a wonderful new set of tools to track and connect all the people who they find irritating.