I think he’d be disgusted today….

50 years ago, there was a massive march on Washington.

A large number of speakers made speeches promoting civil rights and equality.

The most memorable of these in history is, of course, Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have a Dream“.

But sadly, while most (not, by far, all) of the whites have embraced the ideals put forth in his speech, few (but thankfully, not none) of the black members of our society have.

Few black people can see beyond race. Some can, I know, because I know some of them, and call them friend.

But they are exceptions. Most black people (and a lower percentage than white folks) cannot see beyond race. They don’t judge by the “content of their character” but rather the “color of their skin” And I find that sad. I think that the Reverend King would as well. I rather think he would be disgusted by many black people today.

They don’t want equality. They want someone else to pay for them. They want someone else to make excuses for their societal behavior. They want someone else to make their lot in life better rather than making it better themselves by changing their lifestyle.

Honestly, if they had true equality with whites, without the extra gimmes and with the same standards of behavior, they couldn’t handle it.

And BTW, most of what Reverend King dreamed of has come to pass. Most of the issues black people encounter today in many areas of the country are of their own making.

Yeah, I know, pointing that out makes me a racist. 

2 thoughts on “I think he’d be disgusted today….

  1. Would King be disgusted, or would he be simply another race hustler?

    I like to think he would still be an upstanding and decent man, and I like to think, were he alive, he would have changed the world in a way that would make things better for everyone- and not just tip the scales to favor blacks. We can not and never will know. We do know that for the race hustlers, his shooting was the very best career move ever, and my tinfoil tells me that he may simply have been the sacrificial lamb. His dreams of/for "Equality" bearing no relationship to what the hustlers wanted, so he was sacrificed so the dream of real equality and decency died with him.

  2. I believe race issues have gone backwards in the last 20 years.

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