Has anyone, anywhere, ever seen any stills taken from video or actual footage of Adman Lanza either entering (by breaking down the door, we are told) the Sandy Hook Elementary School or of him in the hallways or other parts of the school? Carrying a firearm or not? 


I mean, the dude is at room temperature, so there is no reason to avoid showing the video or photos. Not like you are going to hinder a prosecution or anything….From what I understand, the school was wired for video. In fact, I understand that they got a grant the year before that allowed them to cover the school with video to only a slightly lesser degree that the gaming area of a Vegas casino.

One would think that the members of our intrepid Fourth Estate would have found the above mentioned video by now if it existed….If they cared to do so….

And has anyone else noticed that the incidence of mass shootings anywhere have dropped precipitously now that “Gun Control” is, for all intents and purposes dead for the next two years? Like to zero. Strange coincidence, that.

Or is my tinfoil hat just poorly adjusted?

(as an aside, anyone know why Blogger won’t publish scheduled posts anymore most of the time?)

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  1. There were a number of odd "facts" about that incident that were never answered and/or didn't add up.

  2. Nope. Nor have any of the diagrams of the inside of the school been released either…

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