So it occurs to me that the NSA has been monitoring phone calls one way or another for several years.

Yet, somehow, they were unable to use that data to investigate Major Hasan…that murdering son of a goat fucker herder from Algeria;  he was apparently in regular communication with Jihadist religious leaders overseas. This meets the standards that the NSA claims is reason to investigate people….But no dice ….they couldn’t be bothered. 12 dead and 32 wounded.

So the question comes up, just who were the NSA paying attention to? They couldn’t figure out that this man, who was apparently calling other radical muslim figures and religious leaders in the Mideast and Europe on a semi-regular basis might be a threat?

Guess they were spending too much time watching you and me.

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  1. They missed the bombers up here at the Boston Marathon as well. /spit

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