A different perspective:

So there are reports that the gas that killed hundreds (if not more) of the Syrian civilians was not, in fact, from the Assad regime.

The report states that it was the “rebels” who did it, perhaps by accident. Reportedly, it was the Saudis who gave them the chemical weapons…..without training them in the proper care and feeding of such, leading to mishandling and an accidental discharge of poison gas.

Maybe it is true and maybe it isn’t. Likely we will never know. We do know that muslims often lie, and are not above lying to the press in order to manioulate the larger world powers.

But then there is this

Then again, it could be the Assad regime spreading disinformation. Maybe. or maybe not.

We do know that chemical weapons were used, but by whom and how it happened we do not.

Is this enough to start a war over? On the one hand we have a particularly nasty leader and a bunch of psychotics who care very little for the populace they wish to dominate.

On the other hand, we have the rebels. Apparently being armed by the Saudis….

Neither side is a friend of the US, nor will taking their side make that so.

But until we know FOR SURE, we can’t very well do anything, can we? Unless, of course, our esteemed “Der Leader” wants to use this as an excuse to support his friends Al Queda.

We can hope that the threat of impeachment if he acts without congress will keep him in check.