Don’t piss off Tyrone….

You need his vote.

So, for the second time, the Biden administration (or at least those in his administration who  have the power to actually make decisions) has delayed the implementation of the ban on menthol cigarettes. 

I mean, someone, apparently, figured out that banning the menthol smokes would piss off the Black population, where the smokes are the most popular….

And it is an election year.

Seems to me that the folks with original plan forgot that Joe needs the Black population to vote for him…….And if he pisses them off, he won’t get their votes.

Gotta wait to piss off the darkies until after the election. Take away their smokes and they will get angy.

5 thoughts on “Don’t piss off Tyrone….

  1. They are tone deaf; not only is it an affront to liberty, but it gives the lie to the Dem’s stated positions on race and pulls back the mask to reveal they truly believe that blacks have no agency and need to be treated like children

  2. I dunno,, something about the whole thing seems a little bit rayciss. IIRC, back before Color of Skin was how to decide if someone was a piece of crap or not, I Thought it was uncool to admit that Certain People had Certain Likes and Dislikes. If I was planning a Food Giveaway and all I was taking was fried chicken and watermelon, there would be Some People who would Think they knew the target audience,,, and that would be Rayciss.. So why is it okay to act like menthol smokers are mostly black? It’s not okay to say that violent criminals are mostly black, even though the prison population would make it impossible to not know that. I guess my question is
    Howcummizzit okay to admit the obvious about the smokes and notschittelse?

    • I tried to parse out what you were asking, but it made no sense.

      Please try to be clearer.
      Are you off your meds or something?

  3. And the ‘darkies’ will fall for it. When they DO ban menthol cigarettes in December they won’t put 2 and 2 together.

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