Riddle me this:

How, exactly, is the Stormy Daniels Stephanie Clifford (alleged) payoff by Trump any different than the Paula Jones (proven) payoff by Bill Clinton?




3 thoughts on “Riddle me this:

  1. mainly b/c she(stormy) admitted it never happened in two interviews and a signed statement, but somehow that’s not enough for bragg and company. and cohen admitted he paid her w/o asking trump and never got reimbursed. wth, over?

  2. Trump has a [very recent] (R) behind his name and everyone who gets the “right” talking points “knows” he’s guilty of whatever he’s accused of.

    As opposed to Bill (D) who is just a victim of a “Vast Rightwing conspiracy”.
    …Of which I used to be a card carrying member…

  3. More “rules for thee, but never for me” from the left…as always.

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