These aren’t protests

Not as we know ’em.

The Womyn’s March, these immigration protests, etc. They aren’t really protesting because they believe something, and are against a policy that goes against what they believe…

They are instead protesting Mr. Trump. The TEMPORARY immigration ban? Done by, among others, Barry the O did it, Clinton (William, not Hillary) did it, Carter did it, etc.

But that wasn’t wrong, then. But Trump? OMFG then it is is REALLY BAD.

The Womyn who marched? No two of them could agree on what they were marching to accomplish. But “Vagina” and “Trump Bad” and “He won’t take away my Rights” (no one could explain WHAT rights, mind you) ….But “Trump Bad”.

It’s almost like these are organized, like someone is planning them….Like someone is paying for them…..Just to protest Trump.