State of Jefferson on the horizon?

So California is making noises that they will defy the Federal government and make the entire state a Sanctuary for illegal (Mexican) invaders immigrants.

I say, Bring it. They need the US more than we need them. And, really, it is the southern part of the state (occupied by Leftists), not the northern, which wants this. The northern part wants to form their own state….They’d rather secede from California.

And if California goes up against the Feds, they will lose. They need the monies from Federal coffers to keep ’em alive. If they lose that, they lose about $100Billion in revenue. Add in revenue from the ports, (which would close if the Feds blockaded them or put an import tariff on all shipments from California). Other west coast port cities would thrive. The State needs the Fed money to keep the road network running. Without interstates (and the Fed monies to keep em in repair) the state is in Gridlock nearly immediately.

The southern part of the state can’t pay their bills now. If they are no longer a part of the US (CalExit) then they won’t have the rest of the states to prop up their deficits….The day it happens, they are bankrupt. The State doesn’t produce enough electricity to power itself., so if they choose to defy the Feds, that can be a lever too.

If they want to secede, let ’em. That is just more wall to build, and more jobs to do so. The rest of the US can do without their vegetables, but they can’t do without our cash. 

3 thoughts on “State of Jefferson on the horizon?

  1. The central valley is republican. Southern california aside from the coast and san diego and la is republican. The inland areas of ca is republican.
    All the water and food comes from republican areas.
    The democrats in the state are the consumers and the republicans are the builder and the growers and the makers.

    let the idiots have the coast and the big cities. Fuck 'em.

  2. Been thinking of a Go fund me for secession but maybe state of Jefferson would be the better option. Am all for calif. being la county and the bay.

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