Too big to care anymore

The NRA training department management needs another swift kick in the ass.

Their attitude in not one of helping, nor of customer service. Rather, their attitude seems to be that their trainers work for them, and making anything convenient is a secondary or tertiary consideration.

I am about to give up entirely on my NRA trainer credentials.


5 thoughts on “Too big to care anymore

  1. I gave up on the NRA when the financial misdeeds were reported. Just another organization dedicated to those in charge. Honesty and trust are major issues. Without those why would anyone support them?

    • I was a Life Member before it all came down.

      Sadly, the certificates that many insurance and other organizations require are NRA certificates, and I cannot access them.
      THe NRA and the NRA training department apparently think I exist to support them, rather than the other way around.

  2. One of their vice presidents said nobody needed three bullets for hunting. It’s been years ago, his name, meh,who quoted him, meh.. I used to be a member, I was excited to get my NRAcap.

    Made in China.. Phhhht.

    Nra signed on and supported the 1968 act. Just because someone does a few little things to point to while they say
    Lookie! We are on Your side..
    Doesn’t mean they are fully, actually, on your side. The nra aren’t what most believe they are. I’m as done with them as I am done with Salvation Army.

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