Funny, in a sad way

The CDC has come around to what most of us thought a year or more ago.

Covid-19 acts just like all the other Covids, like the common cold and SARS…At least as far as transmissibility and infectiousness and such. In fact, pretty much exactly like them in nearly all ways.

Of course, thanks to the CDC and Fauci, we have spent the past year or more hiding from the disease, (2 weeks to flatten the curve)  and injecting people with ineffective treatments while killing the world economy…all based upon fear rather than science…..


I find it interesting that when the economic recovery became more difficult, the CDC coincidentally changed their guidelines to a shorter (10 days to 5 days) quarantine period, innit? You can’t tell me that this data was not available a year or more ago, so why now?

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