Trust Us, we are the experts

And, of course, “The science iz settled”.


CDC now announces that 10 day quarantine can be cut to 5 days. 

Because, as we all know, like the 6 foot distancing ( one meter in the rest of the world), the 10 days was a figure pulled out of someone’s ass  (remember, it was 21 days, then 16 days, then 14 days?) who really could not do more than guess…..and our country has been fucked by the “Experts” who are (as we now have seen time and time again) are just guessing.

It is speculated that critical people being out for 10 days after being exposed has reached the point where the country’s workforce is unable to keep up with critical demand as the economy slowly recovers…so the politicians are leaning on the “Scientists” to “change the science”….again.

How many other Commandments and Proclamations from the “Experts” are we gonna find are so much bullshit?


6 thoughts on “Trust Us, we are the experts

  1. “How many other Commandments and Proclamations from the “Experts” are we gonna find are so much bullshit?”

    All of it.


    I just came back from running errands. In and out of a couple different stores and no #MaskOfOppression on my mug. I am jab free and Chi-Com Xi Flu recovered and everyone is now supposed to wear one indoors regardless of jab status. Go ahead Karan or Karl… I dare you to say something.

  2. oh it gets better. cdc says if you’re boosted you don’t need to quarantine at all, EVEN IF YOU”RE INFECTED/SYMPTOMATIC….add several more million to the waking up side as folks figure that don’t add up right, lol.

  3. No laws passed by congress now, only mandates?
    This kinda BULLSHIT is what Constitutionally-approved insurrection IS FOR!
    Lock & load, fuckers!

    • No, actually, the Europeans (except the UK) have the standard of ONE meter for “Social Distancing”

      • Oh, I see… I thought you were equating 6 feet as one meter, rather than “6 feet social distancing in US, 1 meter social distancing in the rest of the world.”

        My apologies for the misunderstanding.

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