Let us hope

2021 is leaving, 2022 is upon us. In most years, I would take this as a new set of chances, a new beginning….

Sadly, I fear that 2022 will be an even bigger Dumpster Fire than 2021.

I mean, I really hope it isn’t, and I am going forward as if it will be better in many ways.

But I fear our leaders will fuck it up as badly or worse than 2021. I have faith that they will not let a chance to bring defeat from the jaws of victory pass them by.


Having said that, I wish each of you a better (much better!) 2022 and a prosperous, happy,  upcoming year.

May it come to pass. .

2 thoughts on “Let us hope

  1. i am at once hopeful and also pessimistic looking at 2022. on one hand, the pendulum is swinging our way. on the other hand, tptb see it coming and are going full tilt to stop it. as people wake up the danger also goes up. they have no idea what that entails. i have seen what war brings to the land. everybody thinks we’ll have a revolt, it’ll be over swiftly and things get back to “normal”. no, it will never be normal, ever. and it will be decades of bad outcomes even if the fighting ends quickly, which isn’t likely at all.

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